Meet the Visitor TV Team

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At Visitor TV, we believe that life is an adventure, that work can inspire and play should never stop. We believe that beautiful video production combined with great storytelling can capture the imagination and move people. From the beauty of the outdoors to that great new shop just around the corner, our content brings to life the excitement of discovery for travelers, locals and businesses.

Let the adventure begin.




Brian Trapp
Management and Sales

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At a height towering nearly six inches above average (of an indigenous Guatemalan), Brian is a force to be reckoned with. His thoughtful demeanor and easy smile masks the boundless energy of a jack rabbit. He's the guy that jumps out of bed at 5 A.M. with his running shoes as slippers. But we love him anyway.

This dichotomous personality makes it hard to tell what Brian enjoys more - the strategy and operations of running a business or finding any excuse to get outdoors. He's also a restaurateur and a triathlete, a pilot and a sailor.  Fortunately he feeds most of his passions in documenting a life of adventure in arguably the most incredible region in the world. But he still gets up at 5 A.M.

A graduate of Westmont College, Brian keeps up with his amazing wife, three kids and a collie-lab-something-or-other named Ellie.

The average height of a Guatemalan male of mayan descent? 5' 2". 

Brian's adventure of choice? Any good climb and single-track descent on his mountain bike.

Todd Peterson
Videography and Production

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"What would you do if you weren't producing videos on the Central Coast?" The question was met with total silence. I turned around to see if he was still hiking behind me. "Hmm, I'll need to think about that" he responded. That's when I knew this was going to be great. 

Needless to say, Todd is a visual story teller to the core. And an incredibly talented one at that. Combine this with his magnetic personality and it's easy to forget that this is work. When Todd's not bringing to life our latest adventure, he's busy running Red CANARY Productions, his multi award-winning video production company producing equally stunning videos and creative ideas for agencies and businesses alike.

A Cal Poly grad, Todd lives the dream in San Luis Obispo with his incredible wife and two kids.

His answer to what he'd do? A park ranger. Perfect.

Todd's adventure of choice: It's a toss up between hiking with his family and mastering the art of sailing.

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To say we couldn't do this without the help of others is an understatement. We have the incredible fortune of working with some of the most inspiring people - from local business owners and area experts that lend their talents to help us produce amazing shows, to designers and artists that bring our ideas to life.

We can't thank you enough. But here's a start.



Cara O'Brien
SLO MPA Collaborative
What: MPAs of SLO County - Part 1 and Part 2

Our deep dive into the world of the amazing MPA's along the coast of San Luis Obispo County would not have been possible without Cara. Thank you, Cara, for your vision to make this happen and for entrusting us to tell the story.

Jim Webb
Stakeholder in creating the MPAs
What: MPAs of SLO County - Part 1

It was a sincere pleasure to meet and interview Jim - thoughtful, informed, and excited to help make our production a success.

Dan Robinette
Point Blue
What: MPA of SLO County - Part 1

Dan is a true pro and clearly comfortable on the water. While he gave a near flawless interview while floating on the waters near Point Buchon, it took everything in us to not get seasick in the rough waters.

Neal Maloney
Morro Bay Oyster Company
What: Farm to Table Show - Part 2

Hanging out with guys like Neil and his crew embodies just about everything that makes our job awesome - great people and interesting work in just about the most amazing setting. Thanks for a great morning of filming.

Neil Smith 
Executive Chef, Windows on the Water
What: Farm to Table Show - Part 1 and Part 2

This isn't the first time we've interviewed Neil and we certainly hope it won't be the last. His great sense of humor and incredible talent always makes for a great story.  Thanks, Neil. 

Shawn Behrens and Molly Kiely
Ex Chef and Marketing Manager, Luna Red
What: Farm to Table Show - Part 1 and Part 2

When considering producing a show on Farm to Table, it was a no-brainer to include Shawn. Thanks to Molly for helping coordinate it all and to Shawn for being an all around great guy and inspired chef. 

Sally Krenn
Senior Terrestrial Biologist, PG&E
What: Tidepooling Show

Sally, you were wonderful on camera for our Tidepooling on the Central Coast feature. Thank you for not only helping us make a beautiful show but for a great time for all the kids and adults that were involved! (Her title includes the word "terrestrial". What's cooler than that?!)

Brooke Gutierrez
Coastal Sector Superintendent, California State Parks
What: Tidepooling Show

Thank you Brooke for helping us navigate the requirements and permitting for our filming of Tidepooling on the Central Coast. We would have been lost without you!

 Jim Allen
Director of Marketing, Hearst Castle
What: Hearst Castle Show

Big thanks for Jim for helping coordinating our shoot on what turned out to be an absolutely beautiful morning at Hearst Castle. And thanks, Jim, for voicing the show and giving us the insiders tour of the Castle. 

Holly Peterson
Graphic Designer
What: Our logo

From a wild sketch we hastily drew came our logo and the catalyst for our new identity. Not only were we thrilled with the end result, her interpretation of where we wanted to go was spot on. Thank you.


Kara Wood
Bloom Microgreens
What: Farm to Table Show - Part 1

Kara and her business Bloom Microgreens brings to life all that is amazing about California - great living and food. Thank you for your help in making our "Farm to Table" show.

 Josh and Lindsey Haring
Mountain Air Sports & SLO Chamber
What: Hiking Show

Huge thanks to Josh and Lindsey (and son Jack!) for lending their time and wealth of knowledge about the amazing hiking to be found on the Central Coast. You guys are awesome.