Introducing Visitor TV at the SLO Airport

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SAN LUIS OBISPO, California – July 2013 - Visitor TV has announced that it has been awarded a multi-year agreement to air its programming including shows and advertising to the 10,000+ per month locals and visitors at the SLO County Regional Airport. With the installation of three 50” LED HD digital displays in the post-security pre-boarding waiting area, travelers will be entertained by Visitor TV’s beautifully produced original shows about the best adventures throughout SLO County alongside equally stunning advertising spots from local and regional businesses. By informing passengers with Visitor TV’s programming of the many incredible reasons to live and travel in the area, the SLO County Regional Airport further establishes the Central Coast as a world-class destination extending its mission to increase air travel on existing routes and position the airport for future growth.

“Introducing the tens of thousands of locals and visitors that fly out of SLO to the amazing adventures and businesses that make this area unique is truly thrilling,” said Brian Trapp, Management and Sales of Visitor TV. “We’re floored by this opportunity and think the airport traveler will love all that there is to discover.”

Along with Visitor TV’s high-quality shows about local adventures, businesses have the opportunity to work with Visitor TV’s award-winning creative team to develop an all original advertising spot to air on the program. The program is scheduled to go live by August 1, 2013.

“One of our primary goals as SLO County Regional Airport is to encourage more air travel to and from SLO County on established and newly created routes,” said Phil D’Acri, Airport Business Development Manager, SLO County Regional Airport. “Visitor TV shares in this goal in showcasing the great reasons why someone would want to live, work and play on the Central Coast.”

Visitor TV is the exclusive local adventure channel in over 80 lodging properties throughout the Central Coast and Central Valley of California and at the SLO County Regional Airport. Producing nearly all of its shows about the best adventures in an area along with advertising spots for local businesses, Visitor TV is a unique and beautiful programming mix that purposefully blurs the line between entertaining and informative content. Whether it’s a 5-mile hike to stunning vistas or a great business just down the road, the sense of discovery is no less exciting. Join us, and let the adventure begin.

For more information on advertising opportunities on Visitor TV, please visit or contact Brian Trapp at 805-772-2491.

Brian Trapp, Management and Sales
Visitor TV
 (805) 772-2491